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Harman zadba o brzmienie w telewizorach LG

Firma LG zawarła porozumienie ze znanym producentem elektroniki użytkowej firmą Harman Kardon. Na mocy umowy Harman Kardon opracuje zaawansowane rozwiązania brzmieniowe (tj. głośniki oraz komponenty toru audio) dla 2 telewizorów OLED oraz 5 telewizorów Ultra HD.


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CITY, APR. 9, 201— LG Electronics (LG) announced a partnership with Harman/Kardon® to develop an advanced audio technology which will be employed in two of its OLED TV models and five of its ULTRA HD TVs. A perfect complement to the LG’s acclaimed picture quality, the ULTRA Surround system is expected to deliver a level of viewer immersion previously only found in cinemas.

Harman/Kardon®, one of the most respected names in the audio industry, worked together with LG engineers to develop a speaker system that could deliver even, distortion-free sound with deep bass and a wide band width. ULTRA Surround reproduces audio with amazing fidelity, placing viewers at the center of a wide and evenly dispersed soundstage.

Designed to deliver truly cinematic experiences, the ULTRA Surround system has superb dynamic range and balances sound with exceptional accuracy. It also boasts an extra wide play able band width and powerful output. The system is engineered to deliver high quality, detailed sound that literally surrounds the listener, creating a significantly more immersive experience than the average flat screen TV.

ULTRA Surround technology adds a three-dimensional quality to audio that is nothing short of spell binding. The advanced technology utilizes a state-of-the-art algorithm to produce convincingly real soundscapes. The speakers cleverly distribute sound in multiple directions, balancing foreground and background noises to match the on screen action while keeping dialog perfectly clear. In a scene featuring heavy rain, for example, viewers will feel as though drops are falling all around them, yet still be able to hearon-screen dialog clearly.

ULTRA Surround is a compelling addition to LG’s cutting-edge, large screen flagship TVs.The speakers offer multi directional sound distribution and top-notch features that go well beyond merely supporting the theater-like viewing experience — they enhance and sharpen it. The results are captivating, smile-inducing and incredibly exhilarating. The LG’s new ULTRA HD TV and OLED TV models with ULTRA Surround area new standard for consumers who want the ultimate TV experience.

Nearly every epic entertainment experience combines a powerful auditory element with spectacular visuals,

– said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV Division at LG Electronics’ Home Entertainment Company.

To help excite and move viewers, Harman/Kardon and LG developed an exceptionally powerful audio system together that is able to match our superior picture quality and fit within the sleek, slender frames of our premium TVs.


We are delighted to have participated in this ground breaking project and to help revolutionize the sound quality of LG’s phenomenal next generation TVs,

– said Michael Mauser, president of HARMAN’s Lifestyle Division.

Whether watching epic movies, fast-paced sports programming or any other video entertainment, today’s consumers deserve an immersive audio experience that matches the stunning visuals. Together, LG and Harman/Kardon will deliver that experience.


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