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Luksusowa grajbelka Sony HT-ST7

Firma Sony zaprezentowała nową belkę dźwiękową HT-ST7 przeznaczoną dla wymagających użytkowników. Wyposażona w aż 9 przetworników, 7 wzmacniaczy oraz subwoofer jest w stanie wypełnić potężnym dźwiękiem nawet duże pomieszczenia. Nie zapomniano też o możliwości współpracy ze smartfonami i tabletami (Bluetooth, NFC) oraz dekodowaniu Dolby TrueHD i DTS-HD Master Audio.

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Niestety, nie wiadomo, czy i kiedy luksusowa grajbelka, kosztująca w przeliczeniu 4000 zł, trafi na nasz krajowy rynek.

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NEW YORK, Aug. 8, 2013 – Sony Electronics today introduced the HT-ST7 sound bar speaker, a 7.1-channel sound bar and the company’s first-ever entry in the premium sound bar category. Available immediately at Sony Stores and authorized electronics retailers nationwide for $1,299, the new Sony HT-ST7 sound bar speaker is packed with a feature set that complements Sony’s signature superior sound quality.

Consumers are demanding great sound quality without compromising simplicity for their home entrainment,

said Neal Manowitz, director of Sony Electronics’ Home Audio group.

Unlike many other sound bars that focus on making the TV louder, we focused on great sound, delivering a dynamic stage and an immersive true 7.1 home theater experience. The result is a high performance sound bar great for movies and music that is easy-to-setup and use.

Superior Sound

The sleek aluminum chassis of the Sony HT-ST7 sound bar speaker incorporates 9 independent speaker drivers and 7 discrete amplifiers. Using both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders for high definition audio decoding, this system delivers the master quality sound experience with deep, clean bass from its high quality dual driver wireless subwoofer. Each component is meticulously designed to deliver the best audio reproduction possible, which results in great imaging with a wide sound stage, something traditionally found only in larger component based home theaters.

The HT-ST7 sound bar was engineered in collaboration with award-winning sound engineers at Sony Pictures Studios, and redefines “movie night at home” with magnetic fluid speakers producing clear dialogue, S-Master Digital Amplifiers presenting high-quality music enhancing expressive emotions, and S-Force Pro Front Surround to reproduce even the most subtle and faintest sound effects.

Mobile Connectivity

Sony’s HT-ST7 sound bar serves as a perfect solution for listening to music with any mobile device. With its built-in wireless Bluetooth connection (with support for AAC and AptX) users can simply connect any mobile phone or tablet through a single press of the “Bluetooth Sync” button. Additionally, the Sony HT-ST7 incorporates OneTouch NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, enabling an instant link to music simply by touching a compatible device to the sound bar.

Convenient Flexibility

With its easy quick-start guide, this speaker system is simple to assemble and install. The Sony HT-ST7 sound bar speaker uses advanced technologies like Audio Return Channel (ARC) and HDMI for convenient set up with just a single cable. Unlike other comparably priced models, the HT-ST7 sound bar includes a total of 7 inputs (3 HDMI, 3 digital audio and 1 analog), making it flexible enough to support a variety of AV components.

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