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Najszybsza na rynku

Toshiba zapowiedziała wprowadzenie na rynek nowych kart pamięci Exceria Pro. Karty te są zgodne ze standardem UHS-II i umożliwiają odczyt z prędkością 260MB/s oraz zapis z prędkością 240MB/s, co czyni je najszybszymi na rynku.

Exceria Pro

Sprzedaż ww. kart rozpocznie się w październiku br. (nie wiadomo kiedy karty trafią do Polski). Jeżeli zatem potrzebujecie czegoś ultraszybkiego do Waszej kamery, zapoznajcie się z informacją prasową (w języku angielskim).


komunikat prasowy



TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that it will launch a new series of SD memory cards offering the world’s fastest data write speed. The latest edition to its line-up of EXCERIA memory cards designed to offer users of high-end digital cameras an excellent experience, the EXCERIA PROTM1 and EXCERIATM1 cards will be launched in major markets worldwide, starting with Japan in October.

EXCERIA cards compliant with UHS-II will be available in two series. The EXCERIA PRO series will offer photographers a data write speed of 240MB/sec2 the world’s fastest3, while the EXCERIA series will write at 120MB/sec. They will allow digital camera users to shoot still images continuously at high speed.

The cards are the first in the EXCERIA line-up to integrate a newly developed controller compliant with UHS-II4 the ultra high speed serial bus interface defined in SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 4.10, and they achieve significantly higher data transfer speeds than earlier UHS-I compliant cards5.

While digital cameras have made huge strides in image quality and versatility, users have long wanted to see improvements in data transfer rates and write times, so as to be able to takes bursts of photographs in quick succession. This demand has grown increasingly strong as high performance digital single-lens reflex cameras and mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras have gained popularity and moved into the mainstream. Further advances in higher resolution image recording (including 4K2K video), will also fuel demand for transfers of data-rich images at high speed.

Looking to the future, Toshiba, a world leader in the NAND flash memory business, will continue to meet market demands by enhancing its line-up of UHS-II compliant SD memory cards.


[1] EXCERIA PROTM and EXCERIATM are trademarks of Toshiba Corporation.
[2] Maximum data writing speed may vary depending on the host device and file size.
[3] As of July 2013
[4] UHS-II is the ultra high speed serial bus interface in SD Memory Card Standard Ver4.10 that delivers data at 156MB/s by single lane access and 312MB/s by dual lane access.
[5] EXCERIA Type 1 SD-GU032G1 (32GB) Read Speed: 95MB/s, Write Speed: 90MB/s

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